The eSKI simulator is the world’s first software dedicated to in-door ski slopes. It is using the potential of new generation active computer games for development of skiing skills at all levels. With its many functionalities the  eSKI simulator offers a high level of customisations of training including elements of both play and competitiveness, making it appealing to a wide variety of users.

Compatible with Maxxtracks and Proleski

The eSKI simulator is compatible with Maxxtracks and Proleski indoor ski slopes, which are based on revolving belt technology, as it is simulating a never-ending ski slope. Indoor ski slopes allow efficient learning and training for up to four persons at a time. The possibility to regulate and instantly change the surface’s speed and its angle, provides further added-value benefits. 

eSKI software provides you with a great choice of obstacles from poles, gates to even trees, boulders and bushes. 

You may simply adjust the difficulty level of the course so it is suitable for the age and advancement level of the skier.

 software allows for great flexibility and customisation through adjustment of variables, such as course length, placement of obstacles and distance between them, as well as turn length.    

Along with incorporating fun into training on indoor ski slopes, the eSKI simulator significantly contributes to the mastering of the skiing technique. The necessity to focus on avoiding the obstacles eliminates the very common mistake made by skiers i.e., watching the skis during the ride. Perception is strengthened, which makes skiing much more intuitive and positively affects the effectiveness of training. The element of competitiveness enhances player’s involvement and increases their motivation.

In competitive and elite sport, the  eSKI simulator is ideal for complementing the training. It allows customisation to particular requirements as well as increases endurance and strength. 

eSKI simulator greatly contributes to masterinng the ski technique through rhythmisation, anticipation and optimalisation of the route down the course. 


eSKI  system is ever changing. Check regurally for new developments. 

Mapping pistes of renowned ski resorts.

eSKI version for visually impaired people.

eCOUCH with movement patterns registration. 


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